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Earlier I had given this game three stars in a review. I took the time to play the game three straight hours in a row, and that has convinced me to change my rating to five stars. Earlier, I had said the game didn't have the the same hook factor that grabbed me like Card Crawl and Card Thief. That's why I took three hours to really dive into the game. This game took time to grow on me. Once it did, I found quite a clever game behind the bright colors, wacky characters, and catchy music. Earlier I had said the game seemed too random, but as I played it more I found said randomness was more because it took me a while to really grasp the game. Once I really started figuring out how to make good card combos, and seeing how the game plays out, I realized the randomness was really my lack of truly understanding the game at first. Thanks to Arnold Rauers and Tiny Touch Tales for another delightful card game. Oh, if anybody is having problems running this game on older devices, go to the in game options menu and turn on the power save function. That cuts down on the game animations so it will run smoother. An added thank you to A.R. and T.T.T for putting that option into the game. Well, time for me to get back to making more potions — POOF!

One of the best games I’ve played

Miracle Merchant has a vibe that is unexplainable and keeps me coming back for more. Most games on my phone get deleted after a week or 2 but this is one of the very few games that has stayed on. I recommend this game to everyone no matter what you kind of games you like.

Needs A Story Mode

This is a greatly interesting game, but it needs a story mode like trying to save a king’s life using your master brewing skills.

Good even on Phone!

Icons are not too small that you can't play on phone. Good for kids and adults, though some subjects are creepy, think 8year old ghoul books, the fact that you have to match color, symbols, and have freedom to come up with your own concoctions based on previous intuitive play, a winner for sure!

My go to solitaire game

Replay value is really high, the card mechanics are pretty cool.

Love this game!!

Great combination of strategy and luck.


This developer, also behind Card Crawl and Card Thief, sure has found their niche. Pretty card art, light puzzles linking them during solitaire play, and a strong whiff of randomness for good measure. Never mind that they’re all basically the same game (linking positive and negative cards while trying to get through the deck). Where Miracle Merchant offers its slight variance is with how many cards you can interact with in a turn. With less cards in play, you are much more susceptible to the randomness of the negative cards. So as a pretty, card-based time waster, Miracle Merchant is fun. But its limitations keep it from being more than that.


I love this game, but I’d also like to see new characters too!

Great Game!

Tons of fun. Very nice animation and music. The game play is fun and really makes you think about how many cards you have and placement of them. A little repetitive though and you don’t have a lot of options as far as viewing potions go.


Lovely, simple, quick— my trifecta is met! I would like to see a more detailed description of the rules, since some of the scoring can be confusing or apparently inconsistent. Worth playing regardless though.

Could have been the best

I really love the concept of this game. It easily could have been my favorite game by this developer. However, there is no progression system, which in and of itself is not a bad thing. But the game gets old after just a couple plays. In my opinion, needs some additional random factors in the core game, and would greatly benefit from progression of some sort.

Looks great, crashes repeatedly on iPhone X

Crashes every time I try to complete a potion.

It closes me out or won’t let me play

The game is great and everything but just that one bug keeps me from playing

Keeps crashing?!??

Art is lovely, fun and new premise, gee I sure wish I could play it at all before the app crashes and closes?!? Waste of $1.99 for a game that doesn't want to be played...

Beautiful Game

The art in this game is adorable, and the gameplay is really fun and interesting. I keep very few games on my phone, and this is one that I’ll definitely be keeping around. In this particular version, I’m having some trouble with the app crashing whenever I make a potion. I’ve made sure everything on my phone (iPhone 7) is updated, but I’ve been unable to fix the problem, which is kinda a bummer. Hopefully I can play soon!

iPhone X Compatibility ‼️

I would greatly appreciate if this great game had compatibility for the screen on the iphone x. It’s very odd to play with two large black borders on the bottom and top of the screen while playing... Also, everytime I finish a potion for a customer, my game crashes. It’s inevitable, and there has never been a time where it does not crash after I serve a customer. I hope to see a fix to this, as I put money into this game that I could’ve spent on some other game... Thank you! :)

Crashing Frequently on iPad Pro

Seems like it would be an awesome game, but crashes every play when potion is passed to customer. Please fix!


I don’t like to do this, but the game crashes every time you complete a potion. I can’t even make it through the tutorial without a crash! It’s extremely consistent in this, and the cane is literally unplayable. I’m seeking a refund for this purchase.


Every time i load the game and give them their potion it crashes its annoying


Constantly crashes, can’t complete a single level.

Crashes every potion made

Can’t even play the game but the tutorial made it seem fun.

Crashes fixed

The game used to crash after a potion was completed. You just have to wait until the daily challenges load, and then it's fine. Excellent game like all of this developer's titles.


The game crashes every time a potion is created :/

can't quit

I downloaded this game for the design thinking I'd be bored with it in a week. boy was I ever wrong :D

Cannot play

I think this game has some problem now. I checked website but it also cannot open. What can I do? Should I have to wait until it fixed?

Promising, but...

I’m finding that the Tasks won’t load, and that the game crashes after I complete my first non-tutorial potion.

Super fun

Fun addicting little game with an interesting art style and gameplay


I loved Card Crawl and was hoping to love this, but I can't make it past the opening task. The whole game shuts down every time. The intro was cute and creative (much like their other games) but I can't actually play the game to give it a rating.

Not much to do

Great art but there is really only 5 minutes of unique gameplay.


Great art, fun to play.

Add more

It seems like a really fun game but only for a while because you’re just trying to get a high score and finish missions and not really get anything out of it.i think there should be more to it like levels or even a world map with levels or mini games.i don’t know,i just think there should be something more.


Crashing everytime i finish a portion. Huge bug. Fix it plz


Pls help I just got the game and it keeps crashing any time I complete a request on a iPhone 5

Almost Good

I really love this game but I wish there was a progression so you can actually accomplish something. It gets so monotonous with no real goal so you have no drive to consistently play it.

Seems awesome but....

I REALLY wanna play this game, the art style is amazing and it seems super fun but I’m trying to play on my iPhone SE and it won’t let me finish any potions. It comes up to say what I made and then the game locks up and kicks me to the home screen every time didn’t even get to finish the tutorial. Tried resetting but it just doesn’t work. Really hoping this gets fixed soon so I can play more :(

Not the most replayable, but fun regardless

Unlike other games from this studio, miracle merchant doesn’t have a progression system. However, that makes it fun in a different way, as you try to get high scores instead of beating the game. You will never feel satisfied, and thus you may come back for more. The game play is simple and sometimes it feels unfair, so it isn’t quite deserving of five stars. ***Don’t expect to be fully immersed for longer than a day or two.*** Technically the game has endless replay ability; however, again, it doesn’t have much progression to keep you interested, which severely limits that replay ability.

Not their best

Card Crawl is by far their best outing. This game is not as fun and the replayability factor is not as strong as their first two games.

Crash might cause by Game Center

I had crash at first, once Game Center log in, it should be fine

Nice brew

This doesn’t have that many rules, but it is a good thing, not a bad thing. It serves the game well.


i love this game and play it often please update it to support iphone x screen

Supremely enjoyable time waster

...and surprisingly deep.

Awesome game

More based on luck than skill, but overall, still a great time waster.

beautiful game

I originally just got this game because I thought the art was really interesting, but it's pretty fun. It reminds me of a game I used to play with my brother.

my one comment would be

to add an undo function .

Game exits randomly

This could be a fun game but it consistently crashes and exits after creating a potion.

Great art, graphics, humor, replayable

This app has different goals every day. I play it daily. Love the vibrant colors and gameplay.


The game keeps crashing on me. I can't even get through the tutorial. I tried skipping over it but as soon as I make a potion it ends up crashing on me. But the artwork is great at least.


Every time I finish making a potion the app crashes. I haven't been able to finish one potion without the app closing. Please fix this because you just got a couple of bucks from me for absolutely nothing.

Lovely game!

I really enjoy the art style and gameplay is a great combination of simple and complicated!


Thanks for continuing to update and improve!

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