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Wonderfully quirky card game

This is a clever, well-thought out card game. What really makes it for me is the beautiful illustration. Well done!!

Good game but not enough

Fun only lasts for 2 days max. There is 1 Game mode and no rewards to keep u entertained

Kinda grows on you

I loved Card Crawl so much I got this one too. Took longer to really get a good grasp on, but enjoy it now very much. Winning depends very much on the luck of the draw, but the games are short so a bad run of cards isn’t all that depressing. Very much a keeper.

Lot of fun!

Go through the tutorial, then play for several hands. Then, after you wonder why your potions are all minor, do the tutorial again twice, watching very carefully what causes the bonuses. It is not the end state only, but also the mixing in that invoked bonuses.


This game is a lot of fun I love the graphics. The only thing that made me rate it down a star was at the beginning I wish there was a little more tutorial because I took me a while to get the hang of it but overall really addicting game!

Game is lovely; tutorial useless.

Miracle Merchant is so much fun to play! It’s a very satisfying game, from the simple pleasure of matching cards to get the highest score possible, to the quirky & attractive graphics, music, and sound effects. I’ve taken one star off because the tutorial for this game and the language used in the daily challenges is so uselessly vague. It’s a fairly straightforward game, so I could figure out how to play it well simply by playing it a lot. But I think an important element of game design is clearly establishing what the words used to refer to various plays mean (I.e. duplex, mixture, ingredient card, etc.). If I hadn’t loved the graphics of this game so much I would’ve been scared off by the poorly written tutorial. However, I’m still a huge fan of the game and would recommend it to anyone. It’s got great replay ability, too.

Fun but

It gets old real quick. Maybe if we could put the gold to some use, more to unlock, etc

Good game but it's not fair

I countered a dark card perfectly and then it just upgraded to take more of my points

Complex and fun

Really interesting game with some complex mechanics that are a lot of fun, though the daily challenges get confusing. There’s also just not a whole lot of game play

Wish there was more to it :/

I LOVE the artwork in this game. The music is great, the game is super fun, and I got super into it right away. Then I quickly learned that you're basically just playing the same game over and over. There's no progression, no levels or awards, zero changes in gameplay, no new cards, nothing else to do..pretty disappointing. Unless I'm missing something?


I really wish there was some sort of progression or levels of some sort. Mix it up. Do something other than the high scores. Otherwise this game should have been free with ads

Honestly Amazing.

This game is great it is so perfectly created even for older phones wit the option to make the game run smoother. This game is amazing for so many reasons...here are a few 1.The art style feels and looks home made and is just so pleasing to look at. 2.The game play is refined and clean for hours of addicting fun. 3.So Many Spells, there are so many new things to learn I wonder how it was created as an indie game nonstop with how many spells and combinations to discover. There is so much more to this game...it is seriously the best game on my phone right now. Although I wish that the coins you get for completing twin,douplex,and stronger spells and just completing a round, I wish those coins could be used in the lobby to I don’t know but a new shop or a shader to your cards to the colors YOU like...that would be cool too. All in all it’s a game for honest good fun and is so rewarding every time you play...I would recommend it to all ages and people.


So, I just started the game, and I almost finished the tutorial, when it just crashed when I gave the potion to my first customer. So I opened the app again, and it crashes. Again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me AGAIN, then I’m just stupid, because I’m stuck at the very beginning of the game, unable to progress bc the game crashes every time I give the potion to them. Please fix this soon.


This game reminds me of the adventure time card war game, it’s a cool game

Great Game

The graphics and designs are extremely good which gives the game a very illustrative feel. The gameplay is simple to understand, but done so in a way that is still challenging and fun

This game is fantastic!

I’ve been playing this and have been enjoying every second! The art style is amazingly drawn, the music is great, and the gameplay has a good hook!


I found it to be boring!

I want a refund

Doesn’t work with the iPhone 7, just kicks me out as soon as I get in. Either fix it or give me a refund please.


i think this game has a wonderful concept. i couldn’t think of any way to change it other than adding more background. but it’s great and really fun to play!

Another winner from Tiny Touch Tales

Superlative art and music, elegant mechanics with a nice mix of luck and depth. Perfect bite-sized mobile game. The tasks make it satisfying to play ‘casually’ or with more intention. You try to get something specific done and then, often having unbalanced the four colors, have to see if you can survive to the end. Bravo! Keep these excellent card games coming. I love Card Crawl, though I think this one is a little lighter and more accessible.

Excellent game

I play this and Card Crawl almost every day. Most mobile games aren’t worth your time or money but these are. I will continue to support this developer and team.

Just what you would expect, addictive

So, I’m one of those people who look down on people who are always on their phone playing games. Who would’ve thought that I would turn into one of them. This is a great game to waste your time. A great game to play during meetings. A great game to play while you’re in a family dinner. A great game to play in a bar or in a car accident. Thank God that this did not exist when I was trying to learn what I need to learn to be a productive member of society.

So close

This game is interesting, no doubt. I've enjoyed it. If you like mean puzzles, it's totally for you. You will probably lose more games than you win. Games which you are able to actually finish AND do something remarkable are few and far between. Scoring and surviving each round is hard enough, but the volume and severe penalty of the black cards make this puzzle extremely difficult.

Beautiful but boring

Gameplay is trite and shallow. You’re paying for the art. I regret purchasing.

Great game

It’s not exactly what I imagined when I bought it but I’ve been having a ton of fun. It’s simple to learn but has a lot of secret tricks. It’s visually amazing and has great style. Definitely worth the two dollars.

Great game

At first I didn’t like this game. I didn’t really see a point but after playing for about an hour straight I realized it’s a great game. I have told many friends about it. I think there could be improvements or updates. First, you could have different cards then just the four. Second, maybe you could have a mini game were you fight off monsters using the potions or just watch the costumers fight monsters using the potions. Over all, I think this is a great game it takes strategy but it’s not too hard to play.

Just another game good for wasting time

This is a fine game, but it isn’t something that really keeps your attention. There are daily tasks, but you are not “rewarded” in any way for accomplishing them. There are no upgrades to get or achievements to unlock. Once you accomplish your goal for the day... that’s it. The only reason to keep playing is to get a high score or to beat a challenging activity. But, it isn’t challenging. It’s repetitive, and it is highly based on luck and the random generation of the order of the cards. Overall, kind of boring and disappointing, and also rather confusing because it does not tell you what to do or how to succeed. You just figure it out on your own.


For some reason my app does not have any sound or music on it (even after restarting my iphone x) which I think makes or breaks a game as greatly illustrated like this. Shame.

A little more...

I wish this game had just a little more too it. I’m collecting gold...for what? A “store” like aspect would be great to buy power-up type things, auto-fill orders, stuff like that. Also a little more clarification on the types of combos would be nice.

worth the 3 bucks

i have yet to master this game in any way, but im spreading the word to my fellow card game-loving friends

Addicting, Challenging, and Gorgeous

I first bought this game because the art looked so cute and creative, and it has quickly become one of the most addicting games I own. It is so fun, beautiful to look at, and well worth it!! Love this App!!

Great game, wont be disappointed

Really fun game, really original and fun to pass the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for updating for iphone x, looks fantastic!


Earlier I had given this game three stars in a review. I took the time to play the game three straight hours in a row, and that has convinced me to change my rating to five stars. Earlier, I had said the game didn't have the the same hook factor that grabbed me like Card Crawl and Card Thief. That's why I took three hours to really dive into the game. This game took time to grow on me. Once it did, I found quite a clever game behind the bright colors, wacky characters, and catchy music. Earlier I had said the game seemed too random, but as I played it more I found said randomness was more because it took me a while to really grasp the game. Once I really started figuring out how to make good card combos, and seeing how the game plays out, I realized the randomness was really my lack of truly understanding the game at first. Thanks to Arnold Rauers and Tiny Touch Tales for another delightful card game. Oh, if anybody is having problems running this game on older devices, go to the in game options menu and turn on the power save function. That cuts down on the game animations so it will run smoother. An added thank you to A.R. and T.T.T for putting that option into the game. Well, time for me to get back to making more potions — POOF!

One of the best games I’ve played

Miracle Merchant has a vibe that is unexplainable and keeps me coming back for more. Most games on my phone get deleted after a week or 2 but this is one of the very few games that has stayed on. I recommend this game to everyone no matter what you kind of games you like.

Needs A Story Mode

This is a greatly interesting game, but it needs a story mode like trying to save a king’s life using your master brewing skills.

Good even on Phone!

Icons are not too small that you can't play on phone. Good for kids and adults, though some subjects are creepy, think 8year old ghoul books, the fact that you have to match color, symbols, and have freedom to come up with your own concoctions based on previous intuitive play, a winner for sure!

My go to solitaire game

Replay value is really high, the card mechanics are pretty cool.

Love this game!!

Great combination of strategy and luck.


This developer, also behind Card Crawl and Card Thief, sure has found their niche. Pretty card art, light puzzles linking them during solitaire play, and a strong whiff of randomness for good measure. Never mind that they’re all basically the same game (linking positive and negative cards while trying to get through the deck). Where Miracle Merchant offers its slight variance is with how many cards you can interact with in a turn. With less cards in play, you are much more susceptible to the randomness of the negative cards. So as a pretty, card-based time waster, Miracle Merchant is fun. But its limitations keep it from being more than that.


I love this game, but I’d also like to see new characters too!

Great Game!

Tons of fun. Very nice animation and music. The game play is fun and really makes you think about how many cards you have and placement of them. A little repetitive though and you don’t have a lot of options as far as viewing potions go.


Lovely, simple, quick— my trifecta is met! I would like to see a more detailed description of the rules, since some of the scoring can be confusing or apparently inconsistent. Worth playing regardless though.

Looks great, crashes repeatedly on iPhone X

Crashes every time I try to complete a potion.

It closes me out or won’t let me play

The game is great and everything but just that one bug keeps me from playing

Keeps crashing?!??

Art is lovely, fun and new premise, gee I sure wish I could play it at all before the app crashes and closes?!? Waste of $1.99 for a game that doesn't want to be played...

Beautiful Game

The art in this game is adorable, and the gameplay is really fun and interesting. I keep very few games on my phone, and this is one that I’ll definitely be keeping around. In this particular version, I’m having some trouble with the app crashing whenever I make a potion. I’ve made sure everything on my phone (iPhone 7) is updated, but I’ve been unable to fix the problem, which is kinda a bummer. Hopefully I can play soon!

iPhone X Compatibility ‼️

I would greatly appreciate if this great game had compatibility for the screen on the iphone x. It’s very odd to play with two large black borders on the bottom and top of the screen while playing... Also, everytime I finish a potion for a customer, my game crashes. It’s inevitable, and there has never been a time where it does not crash after I serve a customer. I hope to see a fix to this, as I put money into this game that I could’ve spent on some other game... Thank you! :)

Crashing Frequently on iPad Pro

Seems like it would be an awesome game, but crashes every play when potion is passed to customer. Please fix!


I don’t like to do this, but the game crashes every time you complete a potion. I can’t even make it through the tutorial without a crash! It’s extremely consistent in this, and the cane is literally unplayable. I’m seeking a refund for this purchase.

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