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Seems awesome but....

I REALLY wanna play this game, the art style is amazing and it seems super fun but I’m trying to play on my iPhone SE and it won’t let me finish any potions. It comes up to say what I made and then the game locks up and kicks me to the home screen every time didn’t even get to finish the tutorial. Tried resetting but it just doesn’t work. Really hoping this gets fixed soon so I can play more :(

Not the most replayable, but fun regardless

Unlike other games from this studio, miracle merchant doesn’t have a progression system. However, that makes it fun in a different way, as you try to get high scores instead of beating the game. You will never feel satisfied, and thus you may come back for more. The game play is simple and sometimes it feels unfair, so it isn’t quite deserving of five stars. ***Don’t expect to be fully immersed for longer than a day or two.*** Technically the game has endless replay ability; however, again, it doesn’t have much progression to keep you interested, which severely limits that replay ability.

Not their best

Card Crawl is by far their best outing. This game is not as fun and the replayability factor is not as strong as their first two games.

Crash might cause by Game Center

I had crash at first, once Game Center log in, it should be fine

Nice brew

This doesn’t have that many rules, but it is a good thing, not a bad thing. It serves the game well.


i love this game and play it often please update it to support iphone x screen

Supremely enjoyable time waster

...and surprisingly deep.

Awesome game

More based on luck than skill, but overall, still a great time waster.

beautiful game

I originally just got this game because I thought the art was really interesting, but it's pretty fun. It reminds me of a game I used to play with my brother.

my one comment would be

to add an undo function .

Game exits randomly

This could be a fun game but it consistently crashes and exits after creating a potion.

Great art, graphics, humor, replayable

This app has different goals every day. I play it daily. Love the vibrant colors and gameplay.


The game keeps crashing on me. I can't even get through the tutorial. I tried skipping over it but as soon as I make a potion it ends up crashing on me. But the artwork is great at least.


Every time I finish making a potion the app crashes. I haven't been able to finish one potion without the app closing. Please fix this because you just got a couple of bucks from me for absolutely nothing.

Lovely game!

I really enjoy the art style and gameplay is a great combination of simple and complicated!


Thanks for continuing to update and improve!

Cute Fun Short Game

The art is terrific and the gameplay is flexible with lots of replayability. I wish it were easier to see the values of the combinations in advance - what a duplex is worth in this particular hand, for example.

Knocked both of my foot socks totally off

Great gameplay and great art. Overall, this game is a PYT with lots to offer. Download is a must.


I love the app but every time I make a potion it glitches out. I can't make any progress on the game.

I will buy anything these guys make sight unseen

This is a perfect solitaire game. Closer to Card Crawl than Thief, but definitely doesn't replace either. It actually reminds me more of Onirim than anything else in terms of feel and strategic thinking. You will not regret downloading this.


Great art, fun, but needs a little something for longer play. It has potential.

Can't Stop Playing

I'm glad it prompted me to review this game. It's time for me to do some work.


This is a fun mechanic that gets old quick. This was an automatic buy for me because of Card Crawl and Card Thief. I was ultimately disappointed that this game is missing the driving replay value due to its complete lack of Card upgrades, levels, and other rewards. I feel like I'm repeatedly playing level 1 of a game that never progresses to level 2.

Not as advertised

See above

Great game

I'm pretty bad at it, so my strategy is a bit brute force. But that's on me. This game is pretty, has great music and sound and is a lot of fun.


Super fun and addictive. It would be super cool if there were "prizes" to get with the coins made in the game.

Simple and fun solitaire game

The game is fast and easy to pick up, making it great for coffee breaks or standing in line. The artwork is phenomenal - fun, stylish, and superbly executed. My only complaint is that the black card distribution changed in the latest version, rendering distillate potions all but impossible.


here are some thibgs u should add. 1. be able to put the cards back when place them 2. it would be fun if we were playing for something. like a prize or minigames or rewards. 2. you earn skips by doing something. and if u have none u eaither have to wait an earn them or buy them. say buy ten skips for 99¢ 3. maby get more cards? like purple idk. 4.

Brilliant game!

This game is a simple and elegant puzzler with a great deal of polish. The gameplay is easy to learn, fun, satisfying, and pleasantly different from other card-based solitaire games. It would be a fantastic game even if the art and music were not so delightful and well-crafted, but here too this game exceeds expectations. The art and animations are just the right mix of beautiful and quirky--a perfect fit for this wonderful game!

Great game from a great developer.

Well worth the two dollars. The art, music and gameplay are wonderful. I only wish there were some other challenges/progression and a harder difficulty. It would also be interesting to add more card colors and columns. Perhaps six instead of four? Lots of potential here.

45 mins to 1 hr playability

What title says. Redundant and boring after a short amount of time. However it is nice that they don't try to sell you junk like power ups or whatever.

Interesting card game

This game is fun, not too hard (although I still haven't found out how to make a distillate) and has clever artwork. The tute is worth doing, too. I watched it twice-stilling looking for distillate directions-and picked up some very helpful tips.


...in a good way!

Fantastic game for my commute.

I play this on my way into work, and it makes my commute glorious. I love the games by this team, and really appreciate the music and sound design. Things feel satisfying when I move in this game, and that makes it an incredible distraction. Awesome title.

Quick Puzzley Fun

Miracle Merchant is a fast paced solitaire where you serve customers who need one of 4 suits of ingredients. The potions you mix are colorful and surprising, the characters you meet are distinct, and everything flows nicely through the short games. The strategy of brewing new mixtures, satisfying all of your customers, and making the most out of each game is rewarding, and simple to ease yourself into. Daily tasks help you pace filling your potions list, and daily games offer a more competitive, though still accessible layer of play. I don't play a ton of games on my phone, but this is a neat little package I plan on exploring pretty thoroughly. Great for those who like puzzlers, achievement hunting games, or short bursts of activity.

Compelling and frustrating

You play short, 4-card combos until you mess up or the deck runs out. Each game takes only a minute or two. As much fun as it is when you know the basics, it's really frustrating trying to figure out what you're supposed to do to build those giant combos. It involves a combination of luck and skill, but I can't seem to get the hang of it well enough to know when luck is going my way and how to take advantage of it. Still, I don't regret any of the time I've spent on this game... so. Four stars?

Excellent game!

Nice job.

it's real good


Fun But doesn't have enough

The game is fun and well made but I feel like there isn't enough to the game. You could add a shop for cards and buy special card with the money you earn making potions for the customers.

Good but Shallow

The art style is charming and the game is simple. However, the entirety of the app is pretty shallow for $2. Different modes or levels with specific potion themes would be nice. Need more content but overall a fun and simple game.

What's the point?

My game is fully updated yet even after completing a task it doesn't say complete. Secondly there are no levels in the game. Seriously , what's the goal/point of the game.

Leaving second review

Update. After completing the 3 tasks-there are no more tasks! Why have any tasks then. What a waste of a great idea and artwork. Bought today and deleting today.

Great card game!

I wish the drawings were a little bit sharper. They look pixelated, specially the icons that appear when the customers ask of the type of potion they need. I was going to ask for a refund but I have faith that this will get fixed soon. Other than this, I love it.

A fun, relaxing time-killer

I'm usually not one for mobile games but I just couldn't resist the pleasant aesthetic that it commits to. From the character design to the background music, this game is so dedicated to its presentation that I can't help but get lost in the quaint monotony of it.

Least favorite from this brand

Not as interesting as the other card games by this brand. Maybe it's just much harder and I'm not getting the strategy, but the last 4 games I've played I get to the last round and don't have the cards to finish, so I lose. Can't boot people forever. Went through the tutorial again. Feels much more based on luck of the draw than Thief or Card Crawl. Update: won the last two games. Don't really know why other than that it happened to work out. Really feels unpolished compared to the other card games by this creator. Oh well.

lovely game!

hard!!!! but im having fun getting good at it

Very clever

Great blend of strategy and luck. Talented game designer.

Awesome pick up and play

Very addicting gameplay and awesome art style makes this an instant buy.

Fun and great artwork

This is my second purchase by this developer and I'm very pleased with it. It's a simple yet challenging card game. Once you get the hang of things you really start working towards the goals.



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